Artist’s Statement (traversing the void)

The human mind is brilliant pattern recognition device. However, to recognize a pattern in the endless shifting maze of experiential reality, a level of simplification is necessary. In much the same way as a realistic drawing represents a facet, but not the totality of its subject, Our perception often misses the angles of the greater schematic. As entanglements and tensions increase, falsely decisive, divisive, and biased polarities appear as aberrations in our perceptual framing of reality. Hard lines are drawn and you’re either with us or against us. But this is not reality. It is a highly reductive simplification of the truth.

In this series I seek to abolish the monopoly of the hard line. Boundaries between object and context become indistinguishable. Tangled spaces interacting, verging in and out of sight, are continuous self-similar echoes of the reflected metapattern, and are re-synthesized into decaying dimensional shadows. Chaos bursts forth from the once binary, now multiplicitous nature.